KM Designs can design and build your concrete driveway, patio and paths using exposed aggregate, plain or coloured concreting. We can also construct road crossings and drainage. With our experience and expertise we can provide advice on the materials, shape, size and colour that will best suit your property. We guarantee our work - providing you with exceptional service and quality products at affordable prices.

Our concrete is finished to a high standard and expansion cuts are added to ease ground pressure. KM Designs owns a range of heavy machinery including an excavator, Kanga and truck so no part of your job is sub-contracted.  Most concreting can be laid within two days of starting the job.

Exposed aggregate concrete:
Exposed aggregate is a popular, modern concreting choice, offering good looks, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Exposed aggregate is available in various colours and a range of pebbles, thereby creating a style sure to suit your home. As well as excavating your site, boxing and laying your concrete we will also wash and seal your exposed aggregate, creating a barrier to stop staining and enhance the colour.

Plain and coloured concrete:
We can add oxide to your plain concrete at various rates to alter the colour from white to grey to brown or even green. If you are looking for something a little different, we can design boarders, strips or decorative cuts to make your area stand out.

Road crossings:
We can remove the footpath and lay your road crossing and curbs to council specifications.

We can add catchpits or strip drains for water consumption and concrete will be laid to aid in the removal of water.