retaining walls

Whether you are after timber or block, large or small,KM Designs will build your retaining walls to your requirement or from engineer specifications. With our experience and expertise we can provide advice on the materials, shape, size and colour that will best suit your property. KM Designs owns a range of heavy machinery including drilling equipment so no part of your job is sub-contracted.  We will also quote to add Novaflow and peametal drainage behind your wall.

We guarantee our work - providing you with exceptional service and quality products at affordable prices.

Timber retaining walls:
The most popular and affordable way to retain your property, timber retaining walls can be constructed to slope with the contours of your land. The timber used can vary with your preference.

Block retaining walls:
Firth retaining blocks, available in 400mm or 200mm sizing are excellent for retaining gardens and terraces.

Railway sleeper retaining walls:
If you are looking for something different, sleeper retaining is the way to go. It adds a rustic look to your property and is excellent for edging the vegetable garden.

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